More than just a partnership

We genuinely care about your business and are dedicated to contributing towards your success.

The cornerstone of our business, Trust, Flexibility and Results are woven into our company values and service delivery. We see each and every client as a privilege and remain dedicated to continuous improvement. That is why we continue to win business through ‘word of mouth’ referrals and why our clients rarely remain so loyal to our brand.

At MOT we are blessed to employ hundreds of highly skilled, motivated and driven staff who are determined to develop their careers and skills with leading businesses. 

At a human level, we pride ourselves on a culture that embraces family and personal values. We value and reward effort and hard work. We are dedicated to supporting and developing our staff and providing a world class working environment.  

We employ “great people” who share our views, values and vision to maintain our status as a leading employer in the Philippines. 


My Offshore Team strives to be the premium partner for American and Australian construction and engineering companies seeking an offshore staff leasing solution. 

My Offshore Team desires to be the best provider of international career opportunities for Filipino professionals who want to boost their career in their chosen fields.

My Offshore Team makes growth possible for both our clients and candidates.

Our goal is beyond business. It’s our mission to help.
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