Use offshore staff leasing to scale your business with a world class offshore team

Qualified. Experienced. Professional.

With 50+ years combined experience in construction, My Offshore Team provides skilled and US experienced staff to transform your business at a fraction of the cost.

We are the perfect solution to skill shortages including hard to find talent and the rising cost of wages.

Our clients engage staff for a wide variety of projects. Everything from straightforward production work, design and construction, migrating AutoCAD to 3D programs, 3D renders, REVIT MEP, HVAC, detailing and permitting, program maintenance, and automation, to name a few.

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Save up to 65% compared to hiring local staff, when you hire long term, world class talent with My Offshore Team

  • Staff supplied will have US experience and will hit the ground running in your business
  • Our staff will have experience in your desired platform (eg: Revit, Bluebeam, AutoCAD etc.)
  • Full time offshore leased staff work only for your business
  • University qualified and 2+ years experience in their field
  • All candidates are tested and vetted by our expert panels prior to you interviewing
  • You interview and choose the staff you want to work with
  • No risk. No lock-in contracts
  • Excellent support from your US based Client Delivery Manager
  • Save on office overheads - My Offshore Team provides office space, all equipment, offshore IT support and HR
  • Ongoing two-way employee evaluations
  • Long-term solution (average tenure is 3 years)

Expand your business to a global team with the skillset and expertise you need at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally.

  • Hire experienced offshore employees at a fraction of hiring local staff - save up to 65% on labor costs
  • Build a skilled team as needed
  • Enjoy the power to choose the suitable candidates with the perfect skillset, experience, and personality to match your existing team
  • Benefit from our low risk hiring process
  • Work with your own US-based client delivery manager to assist with employee implementation and management
  • Integrate your offshore staff into your local team hassle-free and immediately
  • Take advantage of our world class offshore infrastructures and human resource platforms

My Offshore Team drives maximum profitability with exceptional full time, offshore leased staff.

Get the right people to work for your building projects. 

Our offshore staff are experts in your industry who can handle essential tasks for you—all at a fraction of hiring a local staff.


Permitting Specialists
Drafters and Designers
Data Entry / Accounts
Contracts Administrators


Production Estimators

  • 5 years experience in building industry estimating and quantity surveying.
  • Materials estimator and specifications for vertical and architectural works.
  • Databuild and Bluebeam experience.
  • Exceptional with Excel.
  • Experience with Design and Construct.
  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D.
  • Project management skills
Introductory offer:

$ 2900 per month

Permitting Specialists

  • Manages and facilitate the issuance of building permits and architectural approvals from various municipalities in a timely and efficient manner. 
  • Maintains Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and Homeowner Association (HOA) approvals for new home construction
  • Maintains the construction scheduling software
  • Runs Lot Start job budgets and provides all construction documents needed for single family home construction to field personnel.
  • Analyzes overbudget report and provides weekly feedback on progress.
Introductory offer:

$ 2900 per month

Drafters and Designers

  • AutoCAD and Revit experience.
  • Volume Housing Experience.
  • Relevant US Standards and Building Code knowledge.
  • 3 years Structural drafting experience with Revit.
  • Experience in precast concrete, structural steel, reinforced concrete and post tensioned slabs
Introductory offer:

$ 2900 per month


My Offshore Team delivers a next-gen outsourcing experience, giving you full-time staff mirroring your hours, supporting your workflow, and following your rules.
Talent Search


My Offshore Team will recruit, vet, interview and help implement your chosen employee.

Candidate Interviews

You will interview a shortlist of qualified candidates and you choose the staff member that best fits the role and company culture.


Your employee works full time and only works for you. Your offshore staff member works your business hours, follows your holidays, and complies with your systems including vacation leave and sick leave.

Evaluation & Assessment

Your US based Client Delivery Manager will facilitate two-way communication with both manager and staff to ensure quality production and overall satisfaction.

Scale your offshore team as needed

You can scale this process up or down as needed by increasing your offshore team whenever you want. 


Bring 50+ years of construction experience to your business

Our consultants know your market, your requirements and how to make offshore staff leasing experience profitable for your business.
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